What our Clients say about FAN
“The advocate has been a huge part of the lives of my daughters and we LOVE her. I am a single father of 2 girls and she has earned the trust of both my girls. We all consider her incredible. Thanks”

“The advocate is so kind and very helpful. A resource we can count on. Thanks for giving us hope!”


A Parent’s Perspective
“Our advocate always does everything by the book and is very diligent in making sure I understand the resources being offered and helps me with the whole process. We are so thankful for the help.”

Family Access Network 2016-17 Client Feedback Survey Summary
During the spring of the 2016-17 school year, FAN conducted a client feedback survey.

The results were:
100% of respondents reported that FAN improved their lives
86% of families indicated that FAN services helped their child attend/stay in school

FAN helped many individuals and families thrive by connecting them to basic-need resources.

  • Individuals asked for and received FOOD resources 95%
  • Individuals who asked for CLOTHING received it 97%
  • Children who needed SCHOOL SUPPLIES received them 96%
  • Children who asked for SCHOLARSHIPS FOR YOUTH ACTIVITIES received them 88%
  • Individuals who needed help with HEALTH COVERAGE received it 93%
  • Families who asked for assistance with HEATING received it 85%
  • Those who asked for help with MEDICAL, DENTAL OR COUNSELING received them 82%
  • Families who asked for assistance with something OTHER than listed received it 71%
  • Individuals asked for and were helped with TRANSPORTATION resources 83%
  • Individuals who asked for help finding EMPLOYMENT received it 71%
  • Individuals who asked for help with HOUSING received it 75%