What our Clients say about FAN

“I think about where I was before FAN’s assistance compared to where I am now – a world of difference. “

“My FAN advocate is amazing, kind, thoughtful, and truly a blessing.”


A Parent’s Perspective

“She made me feel less alone, like I have a reliable adult to call if I am scared or sick or stressed out.”

“I appreciate that my advocates are always thinking about my family and our needs.”

Family Access Network 2017-18 Client Feedback Survey Summary
During the spring of the 2017-18 school year, FAN conducted a client feedback survey.

The results were:
97% of respondents reported that FAN improved their lives
98% of families indicated the quality of service provided by their FAN advocate was “Great”

FAN helped many individuals and families thrive by connecting them to basic-need resources.

  • Individuals asked for and received FOOD resources 98%
  • Individuals who asked for CLOTHING received it 99%
  • Children who needed SCHOOL SUPPLIES received them 100%
  • Children who asked for SCHOLARSHIPS FOR YOUTH ACTIVITIES received them 97%
  • Individuals who needed help with HEALTH COVERAGE received it 100%
  • Families who asked for assistance with HEATING received it 97%
  • Those who asked for help with MEDICAL, DENTAL OR COUNSELING received them 100%
  • Families who asked for assistance with something OTHER than listed received it 100%
  • Individuals asked for and were helped with TRANSPORTATION resources 92%
  • Individuals who asked for help finding EMPLOYMENT received it 100%
  • Individuals who asked for help with HOUSING received it 88%