Lucy’s Story

Lucy and her two young children came into the FAN office after she was abandoned by her husband. As a full-time, stay-at-home mom, she was left bewildered, without income or any family, and with no understanding of local resources. The FAN advocate reassured Lucy that she was not alone and helped Lucy start the journey to independence.

The FAN advocate provided Lucy information on jobs, signed up the children for free school meals, and scholarships for after school activities, as well as weekend food backpacks. Lucy was determined to succeed as a single mom and also asked about parenting classes. As she left the FAN office that first day, she felt like everything was going to be alright for the first time since her husband left.

Thanks to her FAN advocate, Lucy obtained a scholarship for parenting classes, is now gainfully employed, and is receiving court mandated child support. She has shared her gratitude for the assistance she received during her emotionally and financially difficult times. Lucy’s kids are happy and healthy, and she continues to visit her FAN advocate for encouragement as she builds a new life for her family.

Max’s Story

Have you ever been the new kid in middle school? It’s not easy. Max was that kid. Doing his best to fit in, he joined the football team. Max loved football but knew there were financial struggles at home. Every day, he would go to practice in his worn tennis shoes, patiently waiting until his family could afford cleats. At home his parents struggled to figure out how this was going to happen, discussing it over dinner each night. On game day, Max watched his new friends play, wishing for cleats of his own.

During a discussion with Max’s mom, the FAN advocate found out that the family was struggling to pay for football cleats and that they didn’t know about the pay-to-play fee. The FAN advocate knew how important football was to Max, and was determined to make it happen. Through private donations and community partners, she was able to get the fees covered and a pair of cleats in Max’s size. At the next football game, his parents cheered loudly as he stepped onto the field in his new cleats; Max looked over and beamed with joy.