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For the 2021 summer, FAN had five advocates ready to assist Central Oregon families over the 10-week summer break. A $5,000 grant from the Charis Fund helped ensure FAN advocate services over the summer break. Expanding summer services from three advocates to five guaranteed children were not set adrift between the start and end of summer break. Charis Fund supports projects focused on social welfare, health, and education by providing funds to help expand programs that will develop sustainable community support. Thank you, Charis Fund, for helping our summer advocate expansion.

The Clabough Foundation granted $15,000 to support FAN services in Central Oregon. “We are grateful that the Clabough Foundation is partnering with FAN once again through what will undoubtedly be a challenging year. Building a resilient community begins with helping those in need recover from setbacks that so many experienced in the height of the COVID-19 crisis. This grant will be vital to sustaining those efforts.”—Julie N. Lyche, FAN Executive Director.
These funds make it possible to open doors to opportunity by meeting basic needs and keeping kids in school, ready and able to learn. Together, we are improving the lives of local children and families!

The St. Charles Foundation is a staple in the Central Oregon community and their versatile giving is making an impact on students. Through their Community Benefit Program, FAN was recently awarded $7,500 for FAN advocate services helping to connect families to basic-need services, including connections to health care services. Their generosity goes beyond their grant support with their participation in our FAN Steering Committee and a generous donation of Bombas Socks to keep our families warm. We are grateful to have partners like St. Charles Foundation, who know that health care starts with access to essentials!

Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation assists in youth education, strengthens families, and provides for positive youth development, making them a great partner for FAN. A $10,000 grant from Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation has been granted to FAN for services in Deschutes County. On average, $100 provides advocate services for one student during the school year and with the generosity of the Cow Creek Foundation, we will be able to assist 100 students in Deschutes County.