“Courtney’s” story…

Courtney had lost hope.  She was on her own with no family support. She didn’t believe she would graduate from high school and had simply given up on life. This is where the FAN advocate stepped in to help. “My struggles; not knowing where I would eat each day, not knowing how my life would turn out. I now know my future is possible. I’m warm at night, I have food, I can work, I can make it.”

She graduated from high school last spring thanks in large part to the assistance of FAN and our partner agencies. FAN assisted Courtney with a permanent living situation, clothing, school supplies, food, and bus passes to get back and forth to school and her after school job.

Courtney received a cap and gown to proudly walk with her classmates on graduation day. “It was the hopefulness and generosity of people who surround me that kept me going.”

“Becky’s” story…

She was scared. Becky had no idea where her mom and little brother and sister would sleep that night. They snuck out of the house when dad was sleeping so he would not get angry again and hurt her mom.

The FAN advocate jumped into action to work with a local motel to let them stay the night for free and they even provided dinner. They were accepted into Saving Grace, a domestic violence shelter, the next day.

Mom is now in counseling to become strong and pursue her professional career again and provide for her children. Becky and siblings are safe and happier than they have been in a long time.

“Braden’s” story…

A lens popped out of his glasses on the stairwell between classes. Braden looked everywhere after the crowd had cleared but couldn’t find it.  When he was late for class he told his teacher that he lost his lens. He explained that his parents couldn’t afford to fix his glasses because dad had lost his job and they didn’t have insurance. Braden was very worried because he couldn’t see the blackboard or even see to do homework without his glasses.

The teacher talked to the FAN advocate who immediately called a local eye doctor that had helped kids in the past. The doctor agreed to let the advocate bring in the glasses and they were able to put in a new lens immediately for no charge.  Thanks to the quick work of FAN, Braden’s school work was not affected and he was able to see clearly again.