Welcome to the Virtual FAN Partner Lunch

The annual FAN partner lunch has always been a great kick-off to the school year, allowing community agencies to reconnect, share resources, and develop new partnerships.

Within our current social distancing requirements, we are not able to meet in person, so we’ve pivoted to a virtual partner lunch.  We know this is nothing close to the connections we create when we are together, but hope that you are still able to hear more about our local partners and meet our new and current FAN advocates for the 2020-21 school year.

FAN relies on over 100 community partners to serve our Central Oregon FAN families. We absolutely could not do it without you. Thank you for being a part of this very important work!  ~ Julie Lyche

The Importance of Partnerships 

Paul Andrews, HDESD Superintendent

Why We Do the Work We Do…

Thank You FAN Steering Committee!

Sue Boettner (Chair) – Bend Park and Recreation District
Julia Lodge (Vice Chair) – St. Charles Health Systems
Anna Higgins – High Desert ESD
Bob Moore – Central OR Partnerships for Youth (COPY)
Brandy  Blodgett – NeighborImpact
Breezy Franzke – Saving Grace
Dana Pedersen – FAN Supervisor, Bend/LP School District
Don Senecal – Jericho Road
Elaine Knobbs-Seasholtz – Mosaic Medical
Karina Smith – Migrant Education, HDESD
Liz Clemens –
Bethlehem Inn

Kira Fee – Jefferson County School District
Pamela Ferguson – Deschutes Co Health Services
Rena L. Gibney – Dept of Human Services Self Sufficiency
Rosie Laurie – Big Brothers Big Sisters
Shenika Cumberbatch – Healthy Beginnings
Stacy Smith – Crook County School District
Susan Heberlein – Assistance League of Bend
Tami Nakamura – FAN Supervisor, Redmond School District
Travis Graves – Juvenile Community Justice
Vanessa Sanchez – Housing Works & Families Forward

  FAN Partners and Updates!

 Connect with Our Community!


  1. Eilean Karpstein

    I’m late to lunch, operating on pandemic/distant learning/ what-the-heck-is-going-on time. We live in such a great community! Thanks to all of our partners that make serving and supporting our families possible.

  2. Joanne Ward

    Thank you for all you do to help our communities.

  3. Raquel Hernandez

    We appreciate you and your partnership with us. We couldn’t do everything we do without you. Mil Gracias

  4. Janet Likens

    Thank you to all our partners, you all are amazing!

  5. Sandy Schmidt

    A big, grateful “thank you” to all of our community partners. We couldn’t do our FAN work without you! I always look forward to seeing you all at our yearly luncheon. The exchanges of hugs, laughs and updates is sorely missed. We appreciate you and our generous community!

  6. Amy Berger

    I’m humbled to see the amazing work continuing to be done by FAN Partners and Advocates during these challenging times. Thank you for sharing Partner updates and for everyone’s continued dedication to supporting our kids & their families in need.

  7. Julia Lodge

    I always know that when I refer a family to FAN, that they are in good hands. Thank you for your tireless dedication to support families in need. You are each shining stars to our community!

  8. Alisa Betz

    The FAN stories always give me goosebumps! The FAN advocates and the partnerships within our community make magic happen everyday. Thank you to everyone for supporting our families so well!

  9. Perla Ruiz

    Love and Kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. Thank you to all our community partners for everything they do to support our families in need!

  10. Tarra Ha

    Thank you for your continued partnership and support of FAN! We appreciate you!

  11. Lauren Olson

    Wow-some of this I have seen before and I am still in tears this morning! The way our organizations pull together to build up our community is amazing and I am proud to be here in Central Oregon. What a ray of sunshine on a smoky day. THANK YOU to everyone involved.

  12. Donna Mills

    Thank you all for your tireless efforts for the families of Central Oregon!!!

    Be well and take good care!

  13. Julie Lyche

    We are so grateful for all of you and the amazing work that occurs in Central Oregon to support families!


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