Featured Corporate Sponsor: Taylor Northwest

Family Access Network Executive Director, Julie Lyche (left) stands outside of Taylor Northwest Headquarters with Taylor Northwest’s Marketing and Public Relations, Abby Ciszek (middle) and CEO, Chad Swindle (right).

Ten years ago, Taylor Northwest, a family-owned business, was introduced to Family Access Network (FAN) by a close friend who also served as a FAN Foundation board member. Abby Ciszek, representing Taylor Northwest, shared their journey with FAN, “They sold us on the FAN mission and helped us understand the significant impact that FAN was having on our community and for our kids. Central Oregon is such a strong community, and we have been so fortunate to be surrounded by people doing incredible work who continue to educate us about and introduce us to wonderful organizations like FAN. Taylor Northwest has proudly supported FAN ever since.”

In early December, FAN’s Executive Director, Julie Lyche, connected with Abby and CEO Chad Swindle when Taylor Northwest made a $10,000 donation to FAN in honor of their vendors and clients. Abby explained the unique choice, saying, “Within the construction and real estate industries, it is very common to give gift baskets to vendors and clients during the holidays. However, when COVID hit, giving baskets of food to large groups of people didn’t feel like a great idea. So, we decided to donate instead and mail a card to our vendors to let them know what we decided to do. We received so much positive feedback and decided to continue this trend instead of going back to the gift baskets. It is a fun way to become more involved with our community and, hopefully, inspire other companies to consider doing something similar.”

What started as a table sponsor for our annual luncheon ten years ago has evolved into a lasting partnership that significantly enhances our community and is a substantial contribution to helping Central Oregon children thrive academically and in life.