Featured Corporate Sponsor: Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular in Redmond has been a long-standing supporter of Family Access Network (FAN) through various fundraising efforts, and we continue to be humbled by their creativity and compassion for Redmond Students. 

During the first two weeks of August 2021, Consumer Cellular coordinated a school supply drive for FAN, gathering binders, folders, calculators, and much more! These items will be distributed to the Redmond FAN advocates to stock their offices for the start of the school year. In addition to collecting items onsite, Consumer Cellular also encouraged their employees who are working virtually to donate online either through FAN’s website or by purchasing items on the FAN Amazon Charity Wish List. This company-wide drive is bringing awareness to the needs of Redmond families and the services FAN advocates provide.

Consumer Cellular was also a Friend of FAN sponsor for the 2021 Redmond Luncheon fundraiser that was held virtually last February. One of their employees also volunteered as a Table Captain for the event, helping invite guests and spread the word about FAN to potential supporters. To have a bit more fun with the event, the Table Captain coordinated an internal Silent Auction which raised even more funds for FAN.

Consumer Cellular’s on-going commitment to Redmond students allows Redmond FAN advocates to help over 1500 students and their families each school year. Thank you, Consumer Cellular!