Featured Donor: Diana Barker

In the early 2000s, Diana Barker was introduced to and learned more about FAN when a former Redmond School District FAN advocate “sold” her on the concept. “I am a big fan (pun intended), of giving a hand up and helping people figure out how to do things themselves. They feel good about it and build on their personal success rather than depend on others to continue to care for them. When I learned how FAN was doing that and how advocates meet kids where they are and offer help rather than waiting to be asked, I was excited. I love that the smallest and largest details can be addressed by advocates to help kids and families.”

Diana started Windermere Real Estate in Central Oregon in 1997 and is dedicated to the communities in Central Oregon. Windermere agents donate a small portion of each sales commission to the Windermere Foundation and set aside one day a year to do a Community Service Day project. Early on in Windermere’s history, Diana was looking for a place to invest the Foundation funds and came upon FAN through the Redmond advocate. Windermere has been a regular donor through their Foundation Funds and coordinates a coat, blanket, and winter glove collection drive every November to be donated to Redmond FAN. 

Personally, Diana has been a table captain at the Redmond Luncheon, is a member of our FAN Club (commits to a monthly sustaining donation), and makes additional donations when she can. “If there is an event that is supporting FAN, I can usually manage to bid on a silent auction item, buy raffle tickets, or do whatever to increase the money FAN receives. The needs of students may never be completely met, but FAN comes the closest to it! I know that every dollar I contribute goes to supporting kids and families to help them steady their footing.”