Sasha's Story

Sometimes Sasha, a middle school student, refused to go to school because she was so embarrassed about her crooked teeth. The other students made fun of her, and she never smiled for fear of showing her teeth. When she did attend, Sasha walked down the halls with her head bent and hair falling over her face. Distraught, her mother
visited the FAN advocate at her daughter’s school. The advocate helped them apply for “A Smile for Kids” program, which provides braces for low-income children. Sasha was accepted, and even before she got braces her confidence increased.

Two years and many proudly worked volunteer hours later, Sasha is happily wearing her braces, has a close group of friends, and is
earning good grades. One day, Sasha brought a thank you note and plant to her FAN advocate, saying that the braces had made a huge difference in her life. With her renewed sense of self, Sasha is ready to go far.

Carla’s Story

Carla is a single mother of four young children. She is trying to establish a new life after being forced to take out a restraining order against her partner and leave their home. Although they were able to stay with friends during this difficult period, Carla was struggling to provide her children with basic necessities. While she was
working to get her children suitable clothing to start the new school year, she heard about FAN and reached out for assistance.

A FAN advocate helped connect her to school clothes, grocery shopping, and gas. Carla also asked for bedding, and the advocate was able to get each child a homemade fleece blanket and a knitted teddy bear to go with it. The children love their blankets and bears, which help give them a small sense of home and
belonging during this transitional time in their lives.

Jayden’s Story

Jayden and his sister had lived with their single mother in a rental house for the past eight years. But lately, Jayden came to school with his head hanging, carrying the stress of the family on his
shoulders. Their house was being sold, and the family was dealing with the difficult task of finding a new home. With the current rental market in Central Oregon, finding housing was trickier than
expected, even with a pristine rental history. Mom approached her FAN advocate, and together they built a plan. Mom found a friend they could stay with temporarily while she researched a townhome, but with her income would have had to put down a double
deposit. FAN connected the mom with NeighborImpact to help with the cost. Now the family has moved into their new home, excited to begin a less stressful chapter where they won’t have to worry about where to sleep. And Jayden is walking down the halls with his shoulders up and his head clear.