What’s it like to Volunteer with FAN?

First off, thank you so much for thinking of FAN. Our volunteers are some of our all-time favorite people, right there next to our Advocates and the families we serve.

So here’s the bad news: when you volunteer with FAN, you won’t get to work with the kids. Yeah, this is kind of a bummer, but we insist on respecting our clients’ privacy. In light of that…

The good news is that you can definitely still support FAN through volunteering and the people you’ll spend time with are *drumroll* our favorite people! These are likely to be other volunteers, FAN advocates, and our lovely board members and admin team.

The types of volunteer work we offer includes all aspects of events, fundraising and appreciation, and the occasional odd job organizing donated goods. Sometimes we hand-address and stuff envelopes, other times we sort school supplies in our hallways, and other times we set up chairs and arrange tables or pour drinks for thirsty guests. We also encourage our volunteers to help out at events that benefit FAN (example: a 5k walk or a raffle where we receive some of the proceeds). Regardless of the activity we always make sure to have fun.

And we want to know what excites you. If you sign up below for our volunteer emails (5-6 emails per year) or contact Kelsey (kelsey.seymour@hdesd.org), you can tell us about your interests and skills! Here are a few examples of talents we look for in volunteers; whatever your strengths, we want to put you where you’ll shine:

Do you enjoy planning, designing, customer service or making phone calls? 

Do you have great handwriting?

Can you lift heavy things?

Are you really good at organizing?

Are you part of a group that volunteers together?

Do you prefer working in the background, or front and center?

Are you comfortable raising money from local businesses or folks you know?

Do you have an OLCC License or other special certifications?

You can either fill out the form or email Kelsey (kelsey.seymour@hdesd.org) – either way we’d love to get connected with you. 






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