• $108,160 of our $85,000 GOAL 127% 127%

Thank you for supporting FAN’s 2020 Virual Luncheon!

The annual FAN luncheon has always been our largest fundraiser of the year, providing us with the resources needed to ensure FAN advocates are able to serve families throughout Central Oregon.

With this current global health crisis, our local families need their FAN advocates even more than ever, so we’ve pivoted our planned luncheon gathering to a new (virtual) platform! We predict our families will be disproportionately harmed as the virus spreads — and at a disadvantage to recover once the pandemic is over. Many are already getting by paycheck to paycheck and may no longer have a steady income to rely upon.

To support our families during this critical time, we’ll continue to work with health and social service providers, businesses, community organizations, and individuals, to help kids have a warm place to live, nourishing food to eat, winter coats, and more. We’ll assist parents with referrals for job opportunities, health insurance, childcare support—whatever they need to get on their feet and moving in a positive direction. Our advocates will also continue to coordinate with schools during this time, giving families one dedicated individual to work with and advocate on their behalf. 

Thank you for being a part of this very important work!

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We need your help now more than ever!

It takes only $100 to provide FAN services to a child for an entire school year. During these unprecedented times, the poor are affected more than any of us. FAN advocates are front and center in supporting those affected, giving families one dedicated individual to work on their behalf.

Your support will help…

  • a child sleep in a warm bed
  • a family access medical care
  • a family keep the roof over their head
  • a child receive a good education and MUCH more!

We truly cannot do this without you! Your donation does so much more than allow us to serve those in need. Your generosity changes the world of a child and their family.

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  • $108,160 of our $85,000 GOAL 127% 127%

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Comments & Questions


Kudos for coming up with a new way for our community to support kids and families during this challenging time! As a FAN luncheon table captain, I’m really looking forward to this virtual collective gathering as a way to encourage my friends and peers to come together and feel empowered to help those around us. So important!
Georell Bracelin

Relativity Agency

FAN advocates compassionately respond with respect, hope and real resources. We cannot imagine how this moment might feel to families who are already insecure with food and housing. More than ever, this is a time to support FAN. It’s a way for each of us to be in this moment together.

Ruth Williamson & Lou Pepper

Whole Life Coaching & Consulting


Q: How can a family that needs help contact FAN or get in touch with an advocate? – TM  

A: FAN advocates are continuing to serve families through their schools. Parents should reach out to the advocate at the school that their child is enrolled in. Contact information can be found here: www.familyaccessnetwork.org/advocates.

Q: How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed what clients are receiving help with? – AW 

A:  FAN advocates are continuing to connect families with food, housing, healthcare, utility assistance (and more!) as well as supporting families by making sure that students are connected to internet services for schoolwork, navigating unemployment and food benefits, and budgeting with little or no income . – The FAN Team

Q: Are FAN services available for families with children who are not yet in school? 

A: Yes! Parents should reach out to their local school that their child will most likely attend when they enter 1st grade.

Q. How many FAN advocates are there and how many schools do they serve?

A: Currently, there are 25 advocates in 59 school sites across Central Oregon, including Deschutes County, Crook County, and Jefferson County. See more at: www.familyaccessnetwork.org/advocates.

If you have a question or comment, let us know!

Hey FAN team! Kudos for getting creative and hosting a virtual luncheon. Hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this challenging time. Sending good vibes and lots of love to Central Oregon from Connecticut!

Kelsey Claspell

Colliers International